African Acid Is The Future

Maryama and Romain are better known as Maryisonacid and Wolfonacid, and are still better known for their monthly African Acid Is The Future parties in Berlin, which they hold together with Dauwd, quickly becoming legendary in a city with the world’s toughest competition. It was started by Maryama four years ago, with 100 people crammed into the legendary Herz bar in Neukölln. Berlin. By the time June 2017 rolled around, Maryama, Romain and they were curating events in Berlin’s Funkhaus, showcasing Awesome Tapes From Africa, Zimbabwean musician Stella Chiweshe and Ethiopian keyboardist Hailu Mergia.

Unsurprisingly, Maryama and Romain have two overriding musical obsessions: psychedelia, and all styles of music inspired by the vast continent of Africa. Intertwining these threads is the core tenant of their parties, and doing so thrusts you into fluid and fast-paced adventure: from tribal techno polyrhythms made in a Parisian bedroom, to jazzy afrobeat from the humid jungles of the Congo, to traditional folk nurtured in the scorched earth of the Kalahari Desert.

If you’d have asked someone leaving the Funkhaus last June, they’d have said that African Acid is the now.