Alessandro Adriani first popped up way back in 2006, releasing an experimental ambient album under the name Peter M. Ten years later and the Italian first released under his current moniker with his EBM and electro sounds sitting inside a sinister, apocalyptic frame. Instead of keeping quiet in the time between, he founded the forward-thinking Mannequin label: now a respected home for new wave, industrial, EBM, synth wave and all its strange relatives.

Frenchman The Hacker coined his alias in honor of a Jeff Mills track – which should give you an idea of where he’s coming from. The electroclash and techno producer started making music in 1989, and was releasing hardcore electro five years later under the name XMF. By 1996 he was releasing music as The Hacker, beginning an acclaimed career on the outskirts of techno, electro, EBM and new wave.

Pairing up Adriani and The Hacker for a set seemed like a no-brainer: a dig through their back catalogues finds two complementary yet noticeably different styles.