Deena Abdelwahed

Deena Abdelwahed spent her first years growing up in Qatar, but was heavily influenced by the 2010 “Arab Spring” and its impact on her home in Tunisia. When she moved back, she found herself in a place where democracy had replaced dictatorship and became a key player in Tunis’ micro club scene. She began curating dark basement nights, specializing in obscure sub-genres like kuduro and UK bass. By 2015 she had relocated to France, where she felt more comfortable producing her politically charged brand of dance music.

One of Abdelwahed’s inspirations when producing is to envisage what house and techno would have sounded like if invented by Arabs – using their rhythms, melodies and instruments. Her first EP goes further though: her sound isn’t “Arab electronica’” in the vein of Omar Souleyman; it has a clear urban flavor shining through, influenced perhaps by grime or her UK bass nights back in Tunisia.