Die Orangen

Aussie producers Dreems and Kris Baha both possess notable solo careers, and normally use them to rudely trample over genre boundaries. Together, the pair spawned Die Orangen: a mind-bending brainchild with a love for the terrestrial.

The project draws heavily from the geographical riches of their native Australia, distilling it into a dramatic and trippy concoction with the use of field recordings, glistening synth work, heavy drum workouts and elasticated bass warps. Die Orangen prefer slower, trance-inducing psychedelia and layered textures as their vehicles of perception. They thrive in the sub-110 BPM zone.

Their incessant experimentation and hypnotic rhythms have been dubbed “krautback”, but it owes just as much to ambient, new beat, tribal, and splashes of neo-boogie.