Die Wilde Jagd

Ralf Beck and Sebastian Lee Philipp met in Düsseldorf’s Salon des Amateurs in 2006, and Germany’s “postpunk Hacienda” was an ideal meeting place for the duo. Together they’ve created Die Wilde Jagd: named after a group of metaphysical hunters in German mythology who descend to earth after Christmas.

These two Germans summon a contemporary take on krautrock: stripping back members, dialling up the electronic element and deepening the hypnotic grooves further than the genre’s founders. Their debt to some of Düsseldorf’s heroes – like Kraftwerk, DAF and Die Krupps – is evident in their electro-influenced band format, but they’re taking krautrock into territories it hasn’t ventured before.

Traditionally, seeing Die Wilde Jagd was a sign of imminent death or catastrophe – like war or pestilence. Seeing Die Wilde Jagd today is a far more pleasant experience.