– Information for local residents –
We hope you experience as little trouble as possible with this event. At all times we will be working within the regulations stipulated by our permit. Should you still experience any disruptions, you can call the municipality 24/7 on the general number: 14 020

– Minimum age –
You must be at least 18 years old to enter the festival.

– What can’t I bring to the festival –
Soft and hard drugs are prohibited. Bringing your own food and drinks to the festival is also not allowed. No sharp objects, weapons, fireworks, flammable objects (spray deodorant, sunscreen) or other dangerous objects. Please only bring professional cameras and filming gear with permission from quintin@strangesoundsfrombeyond.com.

– In and out –
Unfortunately it is not possible to get back in after leaving the festival site.

– Drugs –
Strange Sounds From Beyond has a zero tolerance policy. Soft and hard drugs are prohibited.

– Medicines –
Please only bring medicines in their original packaging along with an official medical certificate, provided by your doctor.

– Kids and animals –
Children under 18 and animals are not allowed on the festival site.

– International visitors –
For accommodation we advise you to check out some of the options offered by our partners that Festicket has lined up for you: https://bit.ly/2WvoMJH

– Tickets for SSFB 2019 are for sale –
It is not necessary to print out your ticket. You may also display your ticket using your mobile phone. If you experience any trouble with your ticket, please contact our ticket provider at www.eventim.nl

– CJP –
For CJP tickets please check the CJP website: www.cjp.nl

– Lost & Found –
Lost something at the festival? Check the iLost website to see if we found it.

– Single-use plastics
At Strange Sounds From Beyond, we want to reduce single-use plastics as much as possible. We are looking for alternatives for single-use plastics. All beers and sodas will be poured in hard cups, which you can return when you get the next round for your friends. By doing so, we’ll save up on thousands of disposable cups. The remaining waste is offered separately to a processor so it can be recycled as much as possible.

Caterers at the festival (both on site and backstage) won’t be using plastic disposables. Instead of single-use plastics, alternatives such as cardboard and real tableware will be used. We wish to encourage both our visitors and the crew to use less plastic, such as disposable water bottles. One of the steps we’re taking is putting in place extra drinking water points, so visitors and crew can bring their own refillable bottle with them and refill those.

– Strange Sounds From Beyond is partnering with Celebrate Safe and Are You OK? –

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