From 1st to 5th November, REC. Festival will engulf many of Rotterdam’s unique venues, displaying such an astonishingly wide variety of live and electronic acts that the word genre may start to feel obsolete. Part of the program will take place in one of our favorite clubs, BAR, which serves up one of the finest clubbing experiences that Holland has to offer and is aligned with our thoughts on how music should be presented. Which is why on 4th November we will debut our collaboration with REC. and BAR, curating a Saturday night of Strange Sounds From Beyond. We’ll be hosting some of our most treasured artists, and with the night almost upon us, we’d like to take a moment to introduce some of those artists both sonically and in the written word.

Giant Swan

This duo is comprised of the guitar half of band The Naturals. Robin Stewart and Harry Wright developed a deep love for rhythmic noise, which they channel into industrial techno, drone or another unlabeled entity. Their weaponry: two guitars, EFX panels, lots of cables and two mics. What result should you expect? We’re guessing something cathartic.

Inga Mauer

Having spent her childhood in Russia, Inga grew up catching mere glimpses of music from the outside world. UR, Bunker records and pirate radio stations nurtured her curious mind until she was able to explore beyond the boundaries of her home country. She travelled all of Europe, experiencing various music styles first hand in the place of their origins. Accompanied by her bon-voyage mixes, Inga feels at ease to both share and receive knowledge. Her rough EBM, new wave and techno-ish attitudes have made various places shake on their foundations. We’re interested if BAR’s structure is going to hold.


In the past, major record labels used the term exoticism to describe all that was unknown to Western culture, indirectly stigmatizing the origins of so much incredible art. RAMZi gives the term an entirely new meaning. A fictional being who absorbs energies wherever she travels and then molds her experiences into audio. RAMZi produces results that are so otherworldly, that the origins of her music are untraceable, yet their glory shines through. What message will she deliver this time?

Don’t DJ

Exoticism takes on different shapes, and in Florian Meyer it finds yet another form. Florian argues that the different cultures we know nowadays are actually crystalized identities, formed  and nurtured by the systems that surround them. These identities have a tendency to neglect the hybridity that co-exists between social groups. Interestingly, it’s those groups that have the power to shape new identities. Florian’s music is an example of this – the merging of old cultures into something fresh and new, expanding on what was.

These absolute kings and queens will be joined by many more during our night at BAR. We expect Orpheu The Wizard to deliver a tropical storm, Steele Bonus to take us on another train ride  and our friend Identified Patient to feed us his prescribed pills. We can’t wait for more from Zozo and of course our residents Mata Hari, Luca, twice upon a time and Ocke W will bring bags full of oddities. We hope to see you there!

Tickets can still be obtained here and be sure to check out the rest of the exciting program!