7 Mad Tunes by Miran

Loving electronic music in every sense is mad miran aka Miran Belhanafi, the newest addition to our SSFB family. While she’s gearing herself up for her SSFB debut coming June, here’s a proper introduction to this multifaceted newcomer in the form of a playlist filled with overlooked gems from far-out corners of the sonic underground.

Glitch – “Closed Mind” (1993)

How talented must one be to make such extraordinary music?

zvλd – “Go Placid” (2015)

This may be a full song, but skip between various intervals and you’d find so many diverse sounds. The pool of production talent out there is simply incredible.

Tsyk Raider – “FE Acid Jam” (2016)

Super intense number. I’ve chosen to play this track a number of times just because it carries so much energy within. The acid charges through the number in a rather disturbing manner but I just love it.

Astrobotnia – “Everyone” (2002)

I discovered through a friend that Astrobotnia is an alias of Aleksi Perala, one of my biggest heroes in music. This is a track that one can either love or hate. I, for one, am in love with it.

Karen Lust – “Voight-Kampff” (2017)

Imagine walking home with a major hangover and to top it off, it starts to rain. You wonder if things couldn’t get any worse. Well, just put on this song and I assure you it’ll give you the power to go on. Tried and tested 😉

HAT – “Kubrick” (1996)

I regularly skip through numbers when checking them out but this is one track you’ve definitely got to listen to from start to finish. I had seen this one all the way through and it paid off, because the very next day, a friend asked if I could send her the track that made her feel like insects were crawling all over her. I knew right away which track she was referring to, haha.

Ochre – “Yugen” (2004)

I’m a huge fan of Ochre’s works, and this track happens to be my favorite track from my favorite album of this prolific producer.