Playing prelude to the upcoming SSFB Weekender is the 19th entry of our Mix Series, so it makes perfect sense to invite one man who’s been with us since the festival’s launch a little over two years ago. Before he resumes his post behind the decks this Sunday, Rush Hour co-founder Antal Heitlager compiles an eclectic mix off his voluminous record collection.

Hi Antal, what’s cooking?

Well, it’s late and I just finished the mix that I had promised you two years ago. Not doing it was a stress factor. Like with anything you are supposed to do it stays at the back of your mind until you’ve done it. It’s finally here; hope you all like it! Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Sonar in Barcelona for two days. Looking forward to meeting and catching up with many friends and people I know there.


It’s the second time you’ll host a stage at the festival with Rush Hour, and the third year in a row that you’ll play there. You’ve been practically there from the beginning. What has been your experience at Strange Sounds From Beyond?

I like the local vibe and the open-minded crowd. This is one of the few festivals that I feel is really pushing some obscure music and it seems to work too. So it’s a pleasure to be joining for the third time.


Any particular acts you look forward to seeing this year?

Probably many I don’t yet know about. I’m gonna walk around and stick with what attracts me. Definitely Letta Mbulu and Leroy Burgess live, but then there is so much good stuff. I hope to be surprised by the unexpected.


You’ve made an incredible mix for us. Can you tell us a little more about it?

There is stuff from friends like Knekelhuis, Interstellar Funk’s Artificial Dance, Aroy Dee’s MOS, Selvagem, Nous Records, Music From Memory, Into The Light, some old collectable vintage bits, some things from non-US or EU countries, some electro/techno and most of all, stuff that I don’t normally play so much but do collect. Hope you enjoy the music!


Thank you Antal. See you this weekend at the festival!


Antal will be performing at SSFB Weekender 2018 on Sunday June 24. Tickets are available here.