Christmas Carols for Broken Hearts

Heartbreak. It can happen to all of us. While the festive season brings with it ubiquitous feelings of warmth and joy, these are not sentiments shared by all. Be it memories of a lost kin, friend or lover, some of us share rather a common wound to the heart. For the lovesick and forlorn among us, SSFB founder Quintin van der Spek offers five unconventional Christmas carols to help sweeten the bitter nights ahead.

Wouter van Veldhoven – “Stukke Rust” (2007)

Loneliness in soundwaves by Dutch and self-proclaimed tape recorder specialist Wouter van Veldhoven. It’s worth digging into more of his music; Wouter made beautiful stuff.

John Tavener – “Funeral Canticle” (1996)

Until proven otherwise, I believe this is the most divine classical piece of music that was ever made. Healing.

Species Of Fishes – “Crash Recovery” (1996)

Although the CD has just been reissued on vinyl by Nina Kraviz’s new label GALAXIID in July this year, it reminds me of last winter. On the whole this is a beautiful atmospheric album, this track standing out to me especially.

Cocteau Twins – “Feet Like Fins” (Otherness Version) (1995)

My father was an old hippie who used to live in a commune in Ibiza. He listened to a lot of rock, punk and wave. He was a big fan of the Cocteau Twins. I can recall him playing “Shallow Then Halo” at volume 11 around midnight on so many weekdays. This particular track, I discovered much later though.

AFX – “.942937” (1993)

AFX made so many great stuff that it’s hard to pick a favorite. But this track is without a doubt a beautiful one. I’m a sucker for contrast, which is why I’m loving the combination of the distorted kick and the flashy hihats together with the dreamy pads. Played this on repeat so many times.