Christmas Carols for Broken Hearts

Heartbreak. It happens to the best of us. While the festive season brings with it ubiquitous feelings of warmth and joy, these are not sentiments shared by all. Be it memories of a lost kin, friend or lover, some of us share rather a common wound to the heart. For the lovesick and forlorn among us, SSFB founder Quintin van der Spek offers seven unconventional Christmas carols to help sweeten the bitter nights ahead.


Ryuichi Sakamoto – Bibo no Aozora

As the musician, composer and producer of the infamous Japanese band Yellow Magic Orchestra, mastermind Ryuichi Sakamoto is one of the key reasons why this band continues to exert an appreciable influence on electronic music today. Originally composed as part of the score for the movie Babel (2006), I just can’t help getting chills up my spine every single time I hear this.

Mal Waldron featuring Jeanne Lee – No More Tears

Listening to this track, it’s probably safe to say that Jeanne Lee possesses one of the most stunning voices out there. I love much of her work, but this particular song, accompanied and composed by the great jazz pianist Mal Waldron, is truly breathtaking.

Connan Mockasin – Hey Chocolate

I love the voice and the guitars in this song. I love the way this track explodes into action. A ton of emotion wrapped into a 9-minute drama. Beautiful in every way.

René Aubry & Jean Schwarz – Five Women

René Aubry & Jean Schwarz were mostly known for their film score compositions. This song was produced for a ballet by Carolyn Carlson, a renowned American contemporary dancer and choreographer. The whole LP is produced by Aubry and Schwarz and is exceptionally beautiful.

CocoRosie – Good Friday

So good. The poetic lyrics blend seamlessly with the music.

Massive Attack – Just A Matter Of Time

Despite this being one of my favorites tracks by Massive Attack, it remains unreleased. It was used in a short film, however, as seen in this YouTube clip.

Dreamies – Program Ten Pt. 1

If melancholy was a track, this would probably be it. I love how it ends; the sound of bombs and grenades shattering and easing your emotions simultaneously. A special one for the ending.