Die Wilde Jagd

After holding us spellbound at SSFB earlier this summer, Die Wilde Jagd was back in Amsterdam to play a session at De School for the Amsterdam Dance Event. We took the opportunity to catch up with Sebastian Lee Philipp – one-half of the German duo – for a little chat.


Hello Sebastian, how are you?

Good, thank you! Just back from playing festivals over the summer and further touring in Europe. It has been a very good experience to bring the album to stage and to constantly evolve the implementation of the studio recordings for concerts, technically and emotionally.

You told us that you have Dutch roots. Do you still visit Amsterdam a lot?

My mother is Dutch and I lived in the Netherlands for many years. I don’t go back there so often anymore but I was very excited to return to play the first Die Wilde Jagd show in Holland at Strange Sounds From Beyond. My drummer Ran Levari also has Dutch roots.

We’ve seen you perform for us in Milan last April and at the festival. Such great shows! We got to hear a lot of stuff from the album that came out this year. How do you see this album in comparison to your 2015 debut?

In many ways, the recording approach has been the same and it always comes down to the same studio where it was recorded – Ralf Beck’s “Uhrwald Orange” in Hilden, near Düsseldorf. I spent the last two years in there trying to translate the place, the equipment and my fantasies into a sonic journey of musical and lyrical articulations.

We were happy to hear a lot of 70s psychedelic rock and other guitar-based music in the mix. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

My father is a big Pink Floyd fan and introduced me to them at a young age. I like the musical aspect of 70s psychedelic rock but also the sonic quality of the recordings. The studio equipment manufactured at that time sounds great and at the Uhrwald Orange studio we use a lot of gear from that period.

Does the mix contain just music you grew up with?

The mix is a combination of tracks I’ve known and liked for a long time, as well as things that I’ve recently discovered. Spotify’s “Discover Weekly Playlist” is also a source that I’m using a lot. Its algorithm seems to analyze my taste and listening behavior pretty well. I often find things in there I like, from classical music to techno or also what I consider to be nice modern pop songs like the Mark Lanegan track I finish the mix with.

Thanks Sebastian!




Slowdive – “Miranda” (1995)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Anenome” (1996)

Gábor Szabó – “Some Velvet Morning” (1968)

Kim Jung Mi – “The Sun” (2011)

White Noise – “The Visitation” (1969)

Spiritualized – “Shine A Light” (1992)

XTC – “Complicated Game” (1979)

Mark Lanegan – “Floor Of The Ocean” (2014)




Photo credits: J. Jackie Baier