George Hysteric’s strange selections

Every month, George Hysteric takes time away from running the “strange music from beyond” Facebook group to create a playlist for SSFB from the group’s extensive music library. Here are his picks for January 2017, with music from Les Yeux Interdits, Swing Slow, Palmbomen II and more.


Les Yeux Interdits – Prison

A dark, lo-fi and anthemic Dutch electronics piece from the 80s; thankfully re-released this year.

Jurassic Park OST from Mega Drive / Genesis

So much great music is buried in obsolete game system cartridges. As a retro videogame aficionado, I’m happy to see some recognition for these “lost” works via the group.

Swing Slow (Miharu Koshi) – Capybara

This is totally a new one for me. I had no idea Miharu Koshi is still making records.

As always with her music, there is some tasteful cabaret influence in this project with Haroumi Hosono.

James Harpham – Nature’s World

A peaceful library record – ideally suited for hangover recovery listening.

Puce Mary – Drugs I

Murky power-industrial tape in the style of Genocide Organ… not for the fainthearted.

Palmbomen II – Leo Danziger

Palmbomen II is one of the most exciting, diverse and original music projects in recent memory.

A.C. Marias – Drop

Early post-punk music to soundtrack your next Black Mass.