George Hysteric’s Strange Selections

Every month, George Hysteric takes time away from running the “strange music from beyond” Facebook group to create a playlist for SSFB from the group’s extensive music library. Here are his picks for February 2017.

Elicoide – “Mitochondria”

Simply beautiful and hypnotic, this is lounge music from a more advanced civilization.

Genocide Organ – “God Sent Us I”

An alternative and probably more appropriate band for the Trump inauguration: “We came to wreck everything, and ruin your life.”

Tuning Circuits – “I Am A Non-Believer”

Mind-blowing Dutch power electronics! Must be played at high volume, on a regular basis.

(Mokugyo) 木魚 – “木魚のジ・エンド”

Incredible Japanese sad wave drum machine cover of The Doors’ “The End”.

Ericka Irganon – “Rêve De Fièvre”

Murky lo-fi breathing stereo flanging assemblage; deceptively simple but with an intense atmosphere (bonus points for a small-minded critic getting shot down in the Youtube comments).

Schaltkreis Wassermann – “Sex Is Out, Ich Bin Geklont” [slow]

Pitched-down version of this groundbreaking Swiss minimal wave classic.

Solanaceae Tau – “The Algorhythm Dream”

An elegant, haunting and a surprisingly unknown darkwave tape release from Germany 1990.

I am continually grateful to the “Strange Music” group for helping me discover new (old) music that I possibly would never have heard otherwise.