George Hysteric’s Strange Selections

Every month, George Hysteric takes time away from running the “strange music from beyond” Facebook group to create a playlist for SSFB from the group’s extensive music library. Here are his picks for April.

Chris & Cosey – “Synaesthesia” (1991)

What to say about Chris and Cosey to do them justice in a sentence or two? They had so many great and unique periods of music during their long (and continuing) career. For me, a more important legacy than even Throbbing Gristle.

Zeus B. Held – “Sechs Lange Stunden” (1980)

Zeus B. Held was a behemoth of production credits in the early 70s and early 80s, putting a deep spin on pop artists from Gina X to Dead or Alive. This track from a 1980 split LP (released as an accompaniment to an art book) proves his own releases are also worthy of discovery.

Deo Toy – “Thanks Alot” (1983)

One shot USA minimal synth 7″ sounding like it was recorded in a cheap motel room.

Elisa Waut – “Russia” (1985)

This Dutch-produced track and the related album have become increasingly more appreciated/sought after in recent times and deservedly so.

Human League – “Circus of Death” (1978)

Astonishing to think that the same group responsible for this and other bleak compositions like “The Dignity of Labour” would later go on to release pop mega hits like “Love Action” and “Don’t You Want Me” (admittedly under a slightly different line-up)

Suzanne Ciani – “Malibuzios” (1986)

Suzanne Ciani’s Seven Waves LP is possibly my favourite New Age LP and this track from the follow-up album The Velocity of Love is equally strong.

Whadya Want? – “Snapshot” (1985)

From the Australian LP Skippy Knows, featuring the prolific David Chesworth. Although widely appreciated in recent times, rumor has it many copies were destroyed following the release due to lack of interest.