George Hysteric’s Strange Selections

Chosen from the Strange Music From Beyond November group posts, this selection falls coincidentally along a theme of either hypnotic instrumental tracks, or where vocals, wherever present, function more as an instrument.

David Cunningham – “Circle” (1986)

Totally incredible tape-only release.

Orlando Kimber / John Keliehor – “One Language” (1984)

Beautiful “Oriental” themed Bruton library LP.

Roberto De Simone – “II° Coro Delle Lavandaie” (1976)

Neapolitan soundtrack to what must have been a wildly inventive opera performance.

The Slipstream Group ‎– “Bygones” (1981)

Medieval ambience from the Forest Of Evil Part 2 Library LP.

Randomize – “Movilidad Incesante” (1986)

Crazy proto-techno sounds that could have been released yesterday.

Fred A. – “November” (1984)

Amazing synth-pop/new-wave record; this LP was totally unknown to me and one of the reasons why I love this group – for the chance to find “new” old music.

Giampiero Boneschi – A New Sensation In Sound (The New Sound Of A Voice) (1974)

One of my favorite Italian Library LPs with a really unique sound, impossible for me to pick one track and I highly recommend the whole thing for peaceful/meditative listening.