Identified Patient

Behind the decks, his energy is barely containable, spilling out of his pores and infecting the entire room. We speak to Identified Patient aka Job Veerman, one of the Netherland’s brightest producers, who comes bearing a palate-rejuvenating mix for the 15th entry of our Mix Series.

Hi Job, what are you up to these days?

Yo! All good, all good. Next to playing I’m working hard on new material and finding music.


The mix seems quite diverse. What’s the thought behind it?

The mix is a reflection of the sounds I’ve listened to that I’m keen on and I want to expose the listener to the beauty of these multiple listening worlds: rituals, slow beats, breaks, fetish or poppy things ( I don’t know if this is a genre but yeah), and a few more modern sounds. The focus is on the whole; it’s about giving a full listening experience and hopefully the listener will discover some new things or re-enjoy (is this a word?) the old. The mix was recorded two months ago at home at the end of a stormy day.


I’ve witnessed you behind the decks a couple of times now and what strikes me is that you’re very expressive when playing and the audience seems to pick up that energy. Is this something that you are aware of, that you consciously play with?

Ha, yes. These were expressive moments indeed. Well, let me put it like this: I love the energy in the room, like I guess a lot of us do right? It is not something that always happens; sometimes you are just more self-absorbed or the night is not your moment. But even when I’m playing at a slower or less energetic pace, my body is still eager to shake. So I’m aware but do not consciously play with it. I guess I’m just energetic and excited about the music.


Last weekend you played at De School after your housemate, friend and namesake Job Sifre. Hats off to you by the way; it was my highlight of the evening! If you had to describe him in one track, what would it be?

Ha, fun question. I really want to answer with this tune:

But let’s be real:

I think this one does the trick to describe the boi.


Can you tell us a little bit about your production process?

Of course. While searching for music I would jot down a big list with things to sample or perhaps inspire me. Then there are three ways I would go about it. Or I’d head to the studio (turn up the heating) and put these in the “octa’s” (Elektron Octatrack). From there I’d try to make a loop or a few weird things I can listen to longer than a few minutes and start to build around it. So this is really jam based. If the result is satisfying, I’m finishing it in the computer.

Secondly, I feel it’s important to come with a really clear vision of the music you’re trying to make and have a concept. It’s something I’ve really been adopting more and more often. I hope you can hear the difference in the upcoming stuff. After I have recorded all the multitracks with the machines… let’s say three synths, two samplers and some effects, I continue the rest of the work on the computer to put everything nicely in its place.

My third method of working is with the vocalists. This can be done right on the spot while in production or afterwards. Both ways are really enjoyable and both you will hear more about next year.


Besides playing at our festival, what else have you got coming up this summer? Any projects you’re currently working on that you would like to share with us?

As stated above, there are a few exciting live elements coming up soon. Man and Woman. And of course I hope to continue DJing and bringing drama to the dancefloors.


Thanks Job!


Identified Patient will be performing at SSFB Weekender 2018 on June 23th and 24th. Limited tickets are available here.