Job Sifre

After he wowed us at SSFB 2018, Job Sifre hasn’t been sitting on his laurels. As if juggling university, residencies at Red Light Radio and De School and a stellar new EP on Knekelhuis weren’t enough, he comes bearing a massive two-hour mix for the 31st entry of our Mix Series. That’s a first!

Hi Job, how’s it going? What are you up to these days?

I am great, thanks! I just finished (and passed) my bachelor thesis, so I was mostly working on that during the week, while also playing on the weekends. It is a bit much, though, doing both at the same time.

Both your most recent releases ‘Het Bestaan’ (Knekelhuis) and ‘Worries’ (Artificial Dance) have been received with praise. Congratulations on that! What does 2019 hold for the producer Job Sifre?

Haha, thanks! Really happy with what these releases have done for my career. For now, 2019 is a bit slow, as I am still finishing the last things for my degree. The aim is to release a new solo EP by the end of the year though, but you never know how fast that process goes, so I won’t spill too many details on this just yet.

I read in an interview that you admire Aroy Dee (a DJ) for ‘having more fun behind the booth than anyone on the dance floor’. You are known for being quite the energetic person behind the decks yourself. Why do you feel this is so important?

It is quite simple, really. I am doing what I love most, while hearing the music that I like most, surrounded by lovely people. Even though I think DJing is an artform and you can really be creative with it, it’s also about making sure people enjoy themselves, and forget about everything around them. I like playing with people on the dancefloor, surprising them, teasing them, but also challenging them. When I am playing at some point I just ‘let go’, and just align myself with the party. Why not have fun with the people you’re playing to?

Tell us something about the two-hour long mix (that’s a first!) you cooked up for us.

Is it a first? Great! I had some ideas/tracks for a podcast that would fit Strange Sounds From Beyond, so I just took it from there. Basically, the podcast is a blend of recent finds and old favourites. I mostly limited myself to rhythmic stuff, and it all had to have a certain intensity, or emotion to it. Lately I have been more into rougher industrial stuff too, so there’s a bit of that shining through as well. The set was recorded in one take at De School’s basement. Actually, fun fact: hours after recording my set, when I was already in bed I realized I both started and ended the set with a Cyrnai track, without intending to do so beforehand. If you don’t know her music, please check that out!

Whenever I make podcasts, I try to play stuff that is a bit too weird or not 100% suitable for dancefloors. It is a bit of a contrast to what I am playing in clubs lately, which is a lot roughter, and faster than I used to. I am getting back into a lot of techno / trance / industrial stuff that I used to like a long time ago. But that being said, I just basically like too many different genres, BPMs, moods…

I’d like to talk about inspiration, as I feel this plays a very big part in creativity. What and/or who inspires you?

My inspiration can basically come from anything. It can vary from political disagreement, to personal feelings, to a weird little melody or certain rhythm I hear in a song. I am leaning a lot on 80s and 90s aesthetics but besides that I am into a lot of hip hop/pop at the moment. I can really enjoy artists like Drake, XXXTentacion, Travis Scott etc. Also older pop music from Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson really inspires me again, although the latter has this new documentary on him that I haven’t seen yet. I read that it’s pretty shocking.

Finally, let’s do a little dreaming. I always like to believe in the magic of sharing dreams with the world in order to make them happen. Spill it!

It is a dream to be able to live off music the rest of my life. Now it’s working pretty well, so hopefully it will last. I will keep working hard to make that possible. I would love to have some new residencies at good clubs/festivals around the world. As I have built this really nice relationship with De School and BAR (and also Garage Noord, although I don’t have a residency there) I believe it’s nice to come back to certain places every now and then, because then you build something together. I am not really in the position to name specific clubs where I would love to have a residency, as that would maybe tie me to places I don’t have a relationship with, so I’ll leave that to the imagination.

Also, in the long term it would really be a dream to do scores for movies or art installations!

Thanks for inviting me to the podcast series. I hope you guys like it, and if I’m not playing anywhere I’ll definitely drop by the festival!

Thanks Job!