Mix Series #34: rRoxymore

Producer and DJ rRoxymore appears on our Mix Series with throbbing sounds of early spring.

Your mix starts of rythmically, navigating through sounds that reminded me of the unearthly and the digital (min. 27 sounded suspicially like the MSN message bleep). Do you ever wonder what life would be like on another planet?

Yes I think of this often, specially nowadays when we know that the days are “numbered” on our beloved planet. I would be definitely be curious to meet an other type of life.

The last song you play is Naffi Takeaway by Naffi Sandwich. Their musical repertory appears to be spontaneous, as it is known for its combination of post-punk, funk, jazz, reggae and dub. How does this genreless spontaneity relates to your process of music-making?

I feel very close to this praxis/philosophy, I try to not limit my self to a genre specifically even if my only restriction is the dancefloor orientation with the rRoxymore project… But it’s a very broad frame.
when I’m in a creative process, I’m totally inspired by different style or aesthetics the more they are “strangers” to me, the more I feel I want to explore them. And if there is some spontaneous drifting in the making it makes me really happy.

The topic “saudade” has recently made me think a lot, about the past, the way we memorize things. Could you refer to an object, person or situation that triggers this emotional state for you?

I came across that word the first time when I went to Brazil many years ago. It is very present in Bossa Nova lyrics.
I think it’s a concept difficult to translate in other language. But I would say that recently, I live in a saudade period of my life as a foreigner based in a other country for a long time now. I do miss some elements from my previous life, without really wanting to go back.

If we’d consider a DJ performance a ritual, what is yours characterized by?

Well parts of rituals are secrets and therefore connected to superstitions, so I can’t really reveal you anything 😉

What are your music-related Summer plans?

I’m in the mixing phase of my album and I’m hoping it will be released shortly after the summer.