Nene H

A Monday workout arrives by way of Nene H, who turns things up a notch with an instinctive interpretation of Mix Series #26. Forging her own path as one of techno’s most exciting breakout acts, the classically trained, self-taught producer is one to watch.

Hello Beste, how is life?

Like hell, haha.

You are originally from Izmir, Turkey. Which Turkish artists currently grab your attention?

Zozo, R.A.N., Ipek Gorgun for a while now and just discovered Anadol, Ekin Fil, KAOSMOS.

How does chance influence the path you have been taking in music?

I don’t think it does much but I might be wrong. I don’t know.

Your release on Bedouin Records is called “Metacommunication”; what is the idea behind the name of this EP?

Those tracks are personal notes on the process of a post-trauma experience.

Your productions often integrate various field recordings and samples; could you tell us how you go about collecting this material?

I started electronic music through musique concrète. Since then and over the years I have been collecting sounds from so many places. Even on Instagram I’d ask people to send over a video when I come across something that makes musical sense to me.

How does this process correlate with the mix you made for SSFB?

This mix is the most intuitive mix that I’ve ever made. I tend to think and plan too much. Now I am trying a different approach. I hope you’ll like this one.

What did the day look like when you were recording this mix?

Woke up early, made the mix, cooked for the day, gave piano lessons all day long, listened to the mix again after and sent it over. Something like this.

Can you share with us your dearest memory of making music?

Seeing people in front of me, being really into it while I play. Smiling faces with shut eyes, praying hands, people going nuts… these are my dearest memories. I am lucky; I saw this happening often this year. I know this sounds so cheesy but it’s true. What should I say?

Thanks Nene!