Nihiloxica: First Video Release

Hot on the heels of their highly sought-after and sold-out eponymous EP on Nyege Nyege Tapes, Kampala’s afro-techno fusion act Nihiloxica premiere their music video for “Kadodi”.

Shot from a single birds-eye view camera angle, the mind-melting homemade video by the six-man live project features off-the-wall edits and schizophrenic strobe lighting, communicating the heart-pounding intensity felt by onlookers in the throngs of an East Ugandan Imbalu circumcision ritual. The frenzied visuals are complimented by keyboardist pq’s techno-inspired synth lines paired with traditional Bugandan drumming by the Nilotica Cultural Ensemble, and Spooky-J on the drum kit.

Enjoy this bracing pre-taster as we await Nihiloxica’s upcoming European June Tour, which includes dates at Bad Bonn Kilbi, Rosskilde, and a much anticipated performance at SSFB this summer.

Nihiloxica will be performing at SSFB Weekender on Saturday June 23. Tickets are available here.