Following the recent reopening of the Golden Pudel, we turn to one of its long-running residents Nina for the 8th entry of our Mix Series. This artful selector and mixtape queen hasn’t rested on her laurels while her “Nina trifft” nights went on its long hiatus. In this short interview, she lets us in on what she’s got up her sleeves.

Hi Nina, how’s it going? What are you up to these days?

Well, the summer seems to be over so I’m playing a bit more. This week I need to finish a tape for Ryo Murakami’s tape label and also put some effort into preparing my set for the upcoming Meakusma Festival. Really honored to be invited by Ben UFO to play at his stage and that has given me the push to make this time extra special. There’s a lot to explore at the Festival. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to checking out the other Hamburg artists who’ll also be performing, such as Sky Walking, Nowerk (F#X and Christian Naujoks) and the wonderful Nika Son!


A recent turn of events made us aware that the Golden Pudel is open again! What does this mean to you as a resident? Can you share some plans?

Yes, the club has reopened. Most of us still cannot believe it; it feels so unreal. I did not really make plans for it; guess I’ll go on as before and just see what happens. The list of people who have been involved for ages and would like to play is endless, so I am happy if I get a date here and there.


Most of your sounds are focused around gritty landscapes and captivating soundscapes. Where does this fascination come from?

It is almost impossible for me to speak about the whys; it’s just a feeling and I simply allow things to flow. This is what comes out.


How did this mix come together?

I pressed the record button and just began to play, really. The fact that I only had very little time to prepare makes it feel special to me somehow. I recorded everything in one take and now I have to live with the imperfection.


With the current rise of basic knowledge through YouTube and other media, niche music is much more exposed and explored by many. This in turn has raised the bar for the DJ, liberating him or her. What is your view on this? 

Everyone should have access to music. As a vinyl DJ I am often a bit jealous of the range of music I could have if only I wasn’t so focused on vinyl.


Many, including yourself, seem to be taking off after gaining Pudel residencies. What is in those cocktails?

There are plenty of “residents” that haven’t gotten any attention so far. But of course, the Pudel resident stamp looks good, haha. The freedom to play what you like is a great opportunity to find out what you really want.


With your label V I S, you seem to be exploring electronic and experimental music of all sorts. How did the label come to life and where do you think it’s headed?

Tobias and I are surrounded by so many interesting musicians in Hamburg; I think it just had to happen.


Thanks Nina, for a great contribution!

Thank you!