Nosedrip a.k.a Ziggy Devriendt is one of Belgium’s brilliant young exports. When he’s not busy running and his monthly NTS Radio show, or in between various other music projects, he can be seen out and about in Music Mania – Ghent’s best record store. For the 3rd instalment of SSFB’s Mix Series, Abel Vlaanderen caught up with this DJ extraordinaire to bring you this interview, and his latest mix.

Hey Ziggy, how’s it going? What are you up to these days?

The mostly positive daily grind: looking up new music, DJing, selling records at the Music Mania, planning releases and just the feel of it all. We’ve also just announced a new Full Moon Healing – a New Age event that I organize every year together with Vooruit & Stroom. I’m extremely thrilled to have Midori Takada & Suzanne Ciani on the line-up for this edition.


You run a monthly show on London’s NTS Radio. You’re also the founder of – an online radio and television channel. In an interview with DJBroadcast you had spoken of an “uncontrollable love” for online radio. Where does this love come from and in what way(s) do Stroom and NTS differ from each other?

It’s a combination between the neurotic compulsion to process music in my head – a relative form of personal expression – and the love for sharing music. NTS is, in my opinion, a true online radio that has structure, programming and everything else that makes radio, radio. Stroom is sort of an open experiment in what online radio could be. We are also much less neutral.


Could you tell us more about the mix you made for SSFB?

It includes tracks that have carried me through the bleak days last month as well as some others that are being planned for future Stroom releases.


In an interview with Elektropedia you described yourself as not being much of a digger since you don’t search for music that intensively. Well, you do work a lot at Music Mania, a record store in Ghent. You also mentioned that you regularly receive stuff from people who understand what you stand for. I’m curious about how you discover new music. Do you have certain rituals when visiting a record store? Do you always head straight for the “euro bins”, for example?

Well, things have changed somewhat. In fact, in the last two years I’ve been digging much more than before, because I now work a day less in the store and I’m much more on the job instead. I do gladly follow up on the tips given by certain individuals or shops. For example, Music Mania, Redlight Records & Morbus Gravis – they carry a lot of weight with me right now. In the stores, I often just go by the alphabet with the pop releases…. In any case, I tend to go more for LPs than Maxis anyway, because that’s just so visually pleasing for me to do!


Much has been written about your eclectic record selections. Any thoughts on being labelled an “eclectic DJ”?

It’s just an ugly term for something that comes naturally to me. I’m pretty serious about my radio shows and DJ sets so I don’t really feel the need to rebel. Nor do I feel like that’s my duty either. : )


There appears to be a certain hype surrounding “the selector DJ” currently. Are you at all concerned that there could some day be less interest in selector DJs like yourself? Take, for instance, what had happened with minimal in the late 00s, or to dubstep after 2010/2011?

Though every generation has its fair share of “selectors”, this label is being thrown around way too casually these days. The candle will fizzle out eventually. My favorite “selectors” would never place themselves in the “selectors” section, but rather in the category “Hi. I listen a lot to music. By the way, have you heard this one yet?” I don’t take DJing too seriously either. Right now, I’m just glad that I’m able to gain all these extra experiences and enjoy the freedom that comes along with it.


Ostend, your local city, has an important, almost mythical place in music history. Sure, we have it to thank for giving Marvin Gaye his “Sexual Healing”, but it was also home to a wild nightlife scene back in the 70s. Seems like tranquility has been restored. What do you love about this city?

The great quality of life. Affordable / Quiet / Sea / Space / Family / Solitude / The doorbell’s not working.


Thanks Ziggy!