Offbeat Oddities of the Bizarre from Traxx’s Personal Collection

When the stars are aligned, and space and time are favourable, Traxx appears and blesses us with tracks he associates with our chosen name. Here are some offbeat oddities of the bizarre and irregular sounds of rare vinyl and cassettes from his personal collection.

Metamorphosis – “Fertile Ground” (1982 on cassette)

Basic beat percussion machines, guitars, delays and voices make a cosmic hybrid of hypnotic blend of punk and funk together.

Don Camillo und Die Schildbürger – “Der Scheinetote” (1980/81)

Neue Deutsche Welle. The offbeat rhythm and the message go hand in hand.

Brigade International – “Normal Night” (2009)

Greek electronic/Nu Wave. An obscure act formed in 1982 really shook the scene right from its foundations by exposing it to their dark-mannered claustrophobic syntheses. An extensive synthesis composed of fearful trombones, profound bass-rhymes and intense dark synths, executing minimalistic maneuvers in all. Their concept of rebellious act against political totalitarianism and unjustifiable violence speaks volumes. (Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it..).

Interaccion – “Proceso Interior” (2012)

Interaccion was a duo of Jose Iruretagoyena and his spouse, active in Madrid throughout the mid-80s. They made two self-released cassettes compiling works from the period 1980-83 and 1984-85 periods.

Hoffnung & Psyche – “Das Auto” (1981-82)

Recorded in 1981-82, Germany. Part of the Neue Deutsche Welle scene in East Germany.

Ideas Beyond Filth – “Rollercoaster” (1985)

From Lincoln, England recording music to cassette from 1985-1987.

Tötungsdelikit – Cursing The V-Cities

A cassette I’ve had since I was skateboarding & BMX biking in my younger days..

The dark progression of the tones alter for nearly 3 minutes into a state

of trance, when sudden voices come out of nowhere, just as brooding…

does this make sense?


Probably not which is why I felt it fits here in the world of strange.