Head of LYL Radio Paris department OKO DJ aka Marine Tordjmann responds to the 14th entry of our Mix Series with some laid-back psychedelic storytelling. An exciting newcomer that arose from the Paris underground, the Brothers From Different Mothers family member aims to foster global comprehension of the world through music. Our editor Lounes Doulache speaks to her about work, life and promising new projects.

Hi Marine, what are you up to these days?

I’m very busy these days, which is really nice. I very recently joined Bi-Pole agency where Judaah (also boss of BFDM) is taking care of my bookings. He’s doing the best job possible, so bookings are definitely going the right way for me, and I’m delighted once again to be working with a friend who I admire and respect a lot. 

As far as LYL radio is concerned, things are also going well. We are now facing new challenges and awaiting some important changes and evolutions to come; it’s very exciting. I’m also trying to spend more time on making music now that I don’t have to personally take care of all my bookings anymore, so I’m very happy about this. I also do a lot of yoga and take great care of myself, which is now ever more important as I tend to play a lot more often these days. Balance and love is the key to happiness, and I’m delighted to have both in my life today. 

The mix is kind of relaxing; I could use that right now, so thank you for that 🙂

I’m happy to know this! In fact, when delivering the mix, I was thinking to myself that it might be a bit harsh, especially in the beginning (some noise and doom-infused tracks), but that’s something I love, and it actually sounds relaxing to me. So if you managed to get into the very progressive vibe and the rather laid back but psychedelic storytelling, I guess I’ve succeeded in sharing the emotions I intended. It’s a very intimate and delicate selection, so I hope it moves the listeners 🙂

As usual, it’s very diverse and features some pretty cheesy bedroom-produced track, theater music, as well as unreleased material discovered during some of my recent gigs abroad. I always choose to focus on a feeling and a vibe rather than employing a Cartesian/rational approach when it comes to selecting my tracks, which results in a very wide range of musical styles and times… almost like a collage eventually finding its coherence when one listens from the beginning to the end.

In terms of music making, you were featured in a great track together with GAM. How did this come into being and can we expect more of these from you in the near future?

Porto-based duo GAM is made up of two very good friends: Pedro and Valdemar. I used to spend a lot of time in Porto, where we recorded a lot of jams together. This track ended up on their first EP released on Lake Haze’s Eye For An Eye label. Now my life has taken on a slightly different path, and unfortunately I don’t get to travel to Portugal that often anymore. I do hope to make music together with GAM again sometime in the future. They are very talented producers, and they are definitely worth to keep an eye on. I’m now getting into making music on my own for the first time, and even though I’m enjoying it a lot, it’s a long process and I really can’t say where it’s going, only the future will tell!

What is your affiliation with the BFDM crew?

Brothers From Different Mothers is the label I’ve been signed to for almost two years now; it has an energy that I have never encountered anywhere else. But first and foremost, it’s my family (one of my families I would say, as I’m also part of Paris-based collective Bruits de La Passion and LYL Radio). In terms of being a DJ, BFDM is where it all started for me. Every single person involved with the label is amazingly talented. I am truly grateful that Judaah, BFDM’s boss, welcomed me to the team two years ago even though he barely knew me at the time. Zahef rules.

As head of LYL Radio Paris, can you tell us something about the Parisian scene?

The scene in Paris nowadays is very interesting and exciting. It’s full of great music, there are plenty of talented and passionate individuals from both our generation and older, and I feel that everyone involved has mutual respect for one another.

Also, the fact that Paris doesn’t have the best offer in terms of venues has led many of us to do things differently with parties. Many collectives, DJs and artists are now proposing parties that attempt to get back to the true essence of music and parties, which is freedom and diversity, and that’s why I’m so optimistic about what Paris has to offer. Also the range of music represented in Paris is super diverse, from experimental and avant-garde venues such as Les Instants Chavirés, to the more twisted balearic vibes like Bruits de La Passion, to mental dancehall/noise/ghetto vandalism with Controverse of the Gravats team, and so many other great labels that I can’t possibly list here. We are lucky to be in Paris at this point in time; the best is definitely yet to come.

Are there some cool projects that you are working on now and would like to share with us?

I’m part of the SHAPE platform for 2018 and I’m pretty looking forward to seeing how this pans out; it definitely looks like a very interesting program. I’m also thinking about starting a label but can’t say more for now.

Any last words?

Thanks a lot for having me. I can only say that you have a great group of people behind the SSFB organisation. It feels like every time I go somewhere special, I meet one of you. For the funny story: the last time I met one of you was at our private NYE party a few weeks ago. We’d rented an old windmill near Paris, and I met Luca (SSFB resident DJ) there, and she’s cool as hell. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon!

And thank you for a wonderful mix, hope to see you soon indeed 🙂


Photo by Laura Not