Mix Series #33: Paquita Gordon

Burgeoning Milanese DJ Paquita Gordon takes a spiritual leap of faith into her record bag and emerges with an artful, world-infused electronic meditation for this week’s entry.

Hi Paquita, first of all thanks for your playful contribution! How’s it going and what have you been up to lately?

Thank you guys for this opportunity.

2019 started with some new DJ-set experiments, which I already tested on different dance floors such as the usual New Year’s gathering in Italy with my brothers from RadioCircolo, at Papaya Playa in Tulum, Elysia in Basel, Corsica Studios in London and Ahïla Desert Gathering in Morocco mixing different genres as Acid House, Trance, Techno and Progressive House and exploring new speeds and frequencies from my previous dancefloor approaches.
I also had the opportunity to take time off for some travelling in Belize and India.

Where in Italy are you from and how did growing up there influence your musical ways?

I was born and grew up in Milan. My father Aurelio has been working in the music industry and in radio for over three decades and I guess that was the main influence on my interest in collecting vinyls, cassettes and CDs. I was very lucky as he would bring home new promo copies every week so I didn’t buy my first CD until I was fifteen.

Apart from records being your instrument, are there other ways you practise music production?

While travelling around the world I discovered traditional percussive instruments made mainly of metal and wood. I currently play this set of percussions only on very intimate occasions, sometimes in nature, to share other types of journeys outside of dancefloor environments.

Some years ago I bought a Roland Groovebox MC505 that fulfills many of my desires and I think I’m going to focus more and more on the use of this machine.

What is currently happening in Italy?

At the moment there are various things going on in Italy, one of which is an evident shift from club culture to music being expressed in various different environments that the country offers, such as nature or historical architectural landscapes. Two examples are Terraforma Festival and Nevalon, the former taking place inside the park of an 18th-century villa, and the latter in a medieval castle in Tuscany.

Musically speaking, each city or province has its own scene offering different sounds and genres of electronic music; Rome and Turin, for example, are especially into Techno and Experimental, while Naples is into Funk, Cosmic, New Disco, and Bologna represents Jazz and so on.

Freedom and nature are words we feel highly resonate with you.

Because music is free-nature and it’s simply my duty to channel these frequencies.

Take us through the recording please. Where was it made and what was the idea or mood behind it?

I decided to explore various spiritual music records from my collection, mixing together a journey around the World through ancient and recent forms of ritualistic songs belonging to different cultures. I open and close the circle with house music and travel from Lamu island in Kenya and Central Africa to Anatolia, India, Israel, Tibet. We continue with a song dedicated to the Peyote Cult of the Sioux and Navajos in America, then Voodoo drums in Haiti, finally entering a Gospel vortex that culminates in an ecstasy of freedom with Duke Ellington’s “Second Sacred Concert”.

Thanks Paquita!


Joaquin Joe Claussell – Tranquillity (into groove) [Spiritual Life Music]
Athman Bin Khamis – Coconut Pickers Song [Nonesuch Records]
Jon Hassell, Brian Eno – Ba Benzélé [WEA International]
Ashik Feyzullah Tchinar – Nefes 3 [Ocora Records]
Vrindavana (Kausalya Dasi) – Srita Kamala [Parampara Productions]
Giora Feidman – Yah Ribon [Hed-Arzi]
Pt.1 Damaru Drum Pt.2 Chant For Deity Dharamaraja, Protector Chapel (Tibet) [Soul Jazz Records]
Sioux & Navajo, Male Voice – Peyote Cult Dance [FOLKWAYS Recording]
Djouba – Drummers Of The Societe Absolutement Guinin, Haiti – Voodoo [Soul Jazz Records]
Aretha Franklin – Precious Lord (Part One) [Checker Records]
Father Herrera & The Trio ESP – Jesus, Master, Sheperd, Hear Me [Enterprise Records]
Duke Ellington – Freedom [Fantasy]
Michael Stearns – In The Beginning Pt.1 [Soul Jazz Records]
Slam Mode – Cygnus Puro [Spiritual Life Music]
Michael Stearns – In The Beginning Pt.2 [Soul Jazz Records]