Peder Mannerfelt

Peder Mannerfelt is as versatile as they come. Whether he’s on his solo projects, or when collaborating with the biggest pop artists the likes of Fever Ray, Lykke Li and Britney Spears, he hits us like a bolt out of the blue. We’re thrilled that the prolific Swedish producer is back to seduce as he dishes out an exclusive mix for the 25th entry of our Mix Series.

Hello Peder, you seem like a very busy man. What’s cooking right now?

Hi! Well I guess I keep myself busy. Right now I’m working on the release of my new album that’ll be out on November 16th through my own label. I’m also sorting out a new live A/V show to go with the album. Other than that I’m hard at work on a new project called Asthma together with Pär Grindvik; expect great things to come! Oh and there’s also Roll the Dice (that I do together with Malcolm Pardon). We’ve got an ongoing project called Assimilarty where we collaborate with different artists on single tracks. “Elevate” – the latest one that we’ve done together with Glasser came out the other week. We have a bunch more in the pipeline!

You started making music in hardcore and punk bands. When listening to a lot of your solo productions and DJ sets, I can imagine that working in a commercial pop studio with lots of pop artists could have led to making a lot of compromises. How do you unite both sides?

I left that world since I wasn’t really willing to compromise. Working in the pop world was a good lesson for myself in sharpening my edge and pointing me in a narrow direction. I kind of ended up in the pop world again a few years ago after the first Fever Ray album, but that actually led me to change things up and start to work under my own name, which meant going even further down the rabbit hole.

Were you always convinced that you would succeed in the music business?

I never really gave myself any other choice. I slacked my way through school so my grades are basically non-existent. I guess I’d have to start at the bottom at McDonald’s or something like that if this career goes down the drain.

Can you tell us something more about the mix you made for us?

For once I decided to make an all-vinyl mix of my more leftfield records (I usually do my mixes in Ableton). I just went with the flow and grabbed random reverts from the shelf – Pretty happy with how it turned out!

It’s stuff that I will listen to at home but also what I’d play in a techno DJ set. I love to use electro-acoustic stuff as a third effect layer instead of using an effect send on the mixer; it becomes much more dynamic and you can build some great tension of slowly building up to a massive drone break and then slam back in to 4/4.

Thank you, Peder!