Red Light Radio: March 2017 Staff Picks

Of the countless tracks that make it to the airwaves each week at Red Light Radio, some leave a more lasting impression than others. From month to month, enjoy a sampling of favorite tracks heard on air, courtesy of the team at RLR. March’s picks include music by Sexy Soxy, Alek Lee and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Hugo’s Pick: Fluisteraars – “De Doornen” (2014)

Somehow, black metal comes and goes in my life and right now I’m rather out of the loop. Nonetheless, the Dutch BM scene is pretty strong at the moment with lots of great bands; Fluisteraars is definitely one of them. We have an RLR resident show called The Void with Clio & Mike from Argento Records and Guy from Southern Lord Records, playing loud stuff and talking trash. Fun show! This month they played “De Doornen” from Fluisteraars and it got me sucked into it for 16 minutes long. Great, simple, but on-point riffing, perfect sound production and wavy slow parts. Not so strange maybe, but super catchy shit; I love it. Gimme some more.

Lorenzo’s Pick: Chico – “Pavarotti” (Godfather Riddim) (1999)

I consider myself as somewhat of a connoisseur of Jamaican music – reggae, Rub-a-Dub, dancehall etc. Even though Jamaica is a very small “developing” country with a population of under three million, the musical output over the last fifty years has been, to say the least, insane; the amount of singles coming out week after week on small independent labels is still, to this day, unmatched.

It’s hardly surprising that there are so many great tunes for me still to discover; I can imagine that as long as I keep digging I will keep finding new hidden gems.

The tune “Pavarotti” on the Godfather riddim by dancehall artist Chico came out in 1999 and was a “big tune”/ “bashment” hit record. I totally missed it; I guess at the time my focus was on fin de siècle hip hop and early roots reggae, until Samo DJ played it in his dancehall-driven set on the 4th of March here at Red Light Radio.

So cheesy, so poppy, what a banger!

Jim’s Pick: Ryuichi Sakamoto – “E3A” (1980)

I discovered my favorite of the month on a gezellige Monday evening slot with Robert Bergman. This weird IDM’ish piece has passed by a few times but I finally had the chance to find out what it was. It could have been early Autechre material, but it turns out to be a tune by Ryuichi Sakamoto released in 1980. Next to producing sick music, Sakamoto has also been spotted as an actor in a Japanese Christmas movie next to David Bowie. AND he has won an Oscar, composed the Olympics theme song and is responsible for the startup jingle of Sega Dreamcast game consoles. What a guy!

Lien’s Pick: Alek Lee – “Sfarot” (2017)

You’d better get a copy before it’s too late because this mesmerizing Middle Eastern-influenced song just came out on a 12-inch. Also don’t forget to check out Denise’s (Din Daa Daa) shows; she always keeps surprising with new tunes and “forgotten” gems.

Boris’ Pick: Sexy Soxy – “Slow Very Slow” (1981)

I liked it before I even heard it! Suzanne Kraft played this in his recent show but had already shown me the record when he picked it up at Red Light Records. The artist’s name, song title and the cover art already looked so promising that I knew it wasn’t going to disappoint. A sun-fried mellow sexy song with “Slow very slow, I love you so” as lyrics. Wish this song would never end, so I might upload a 10-hour version of it repeated on Youtube soon!

Dion’s Pick: Maoupa Mazzocchetti – “Who’s This Face” (2016)

I opened the door of the studio on a Thursday morning at ten o’clock only to find my friends Lounes and Stefan of “twice upon a time” from my hometown The Hague drinking a beer and relaxing before their set together with Job Sifre from Antikunst. They didn’t sleep, obviously, because they had spent their whole night in the studio, which is in an underground bomb shelter in The Hague. This whole vibe of not sleeping and spending a night in a bunker echoed throughout their set. I think this track really captures that dystopian vibe with a lot of distorted synths and throbbing kicks.