Red Light Radio: January 2017 Staff Picks

With about 50 different shows happening every week at Red Light Radio, we’re spoiled for choice. The team at RLR’s here to help narrow it down with a sampling of their favorite tracks heard on air that they can’t get enough of, month after month.

Lien’s Pick: Ngozi Family – Day of Judgement (1976)

“Besides my job at Red Light Radio, I also work at a beer brewery. Last week, a colleague and I had to perform a rather boring job on the assembly line. To cheer things up a bit we played all the old Heavy Heavy radio shows by Taco Fett from Waxwell. We found them very suitable for the job we were doing. Great music for getting things done! In show no. 14 he played a track by the Ngozi Family from Zambia called “Day of Judgement”. It was released in 1976. Check it out!”

Boris: Oranssi Pazuzu – “Havuluu” (2016)

“When it comes to music, I usually don’t have any boundaries; from a choir of deaf children to field recordings from a shark cage. But with black metal, I prefer it if bands more or less keep it close to the “blueprint”. Oranssi Pazuzu is a Finnish band that I saw in a lot of “best of 2016” lists but hadn’t really checked out. I thought it would be too much genre-bending for me. But when Reggie played this track in his recent Rege Satanas episode I got sucked in HARD. Psychedelic black metal with a trance-like rhythm section but still dark, sinister and nihilistic enough. Kool!”

Hugo’s Pick: The (Hypothetical) Prophets – “Back To The Burner” (1982)

“Every Friday, Dekmantel invites two amazing guests to their radio show. On the last Friday of January they had Antal & Calypso Steve in the studio. Antal killed it (as usual) in the first hour and Calypso Steve (James Pole of Red Light Records) played the second hour. While Antal spun a recent track by one of my favorite artists Tolouse Low Trax, Calypso Steve played something that could be an inspiration to TLT. The Prophets released this track in 1982 at their Around The World With The Prophets album, called “Back To The Burner”. I had never heard it before, but this is definitely a new favorite! Thanks James!”

Lorenzo’s Pick: Mark Ernestus vs. Obadikah – “April” (2016)

Played by Tienson for Dekmantel Radio

“Working at RLR exposes me to an amazing amount of great music. It’s hard to absorb everything that goes past my ears, though some tracks do make me scurry frantically down the stairs from the office to the studio just to ask what it is. In the case of this very track, it’s the sonic dubby plushness of it that blew my mind. It’s so tough, yet somewhat friendly to the ear.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Mark Ernestus’ projects and labels (Rhythm & Sound, Ndagga, Dug Out, Basic Channel, Basic Replay, etc…). His sound is unique; with warm soulful depth and technical perfection/imperfection. As soon as I had heard the first few seconds, I knew it was one of his productions; so when I ran downstairs to ask Tienson about it, all I did was ask which new Mark Ernestus track that was.”

Orpheu: “I am the all-knowing wizard.”