Red Light Radio: July 2017 Staff Picks

Of the countless tracks that make it to the airwaves each week at Red Light Radio, some leave a more lasting impression than others. From month to month, enjoy a sampling of favorite tracks heard on air, courtesy of the team at RLR. July’s picks include music by George Smallwood, Powerman, Cosmetics, Lo Kindre & more

Lorenzo’s Pick: George Smallwood & The Marshmellow – “Lady Disco Demo”(2010)

When it comes to discovering new tracks, Roel de Boer’s show is probably my main goldmine. I really dig his wide taste and find myself in sync with his eclectic but always groovy selections. He never fails to make me discover new gems.

In July’s show there was one track that grabbed my attention right away: the extremely raw demo version of George Smallwood’s “Lady Disco”, which, funnily enough, is not fully a disco track despite its title. At least, the demo version isn’t. The official release, which came later, very much is. I particularly dig the rawness of the mix with all its imperfections – definitely not a case of overproduction.

“Lady Disco Demo” is Smallwood’s favorite take because the backup singer was Lady Disco herself. She went missing after George booked his session at Sound Studio Maryland, so on the official release his sister had to sing her part.

Lieneke’s Pick: Henry Hektik & Thomas W. Sutter – “Infernal Jet Waltz” (1988)

Getting introduced to new music and great artists is one of the perks of working at Red Light Radio. When Daan (programmer of the soon-to-open Garage Noord) asked for a slot for Jules, I knew this one-hour show wasn’t gonna be a let down.

One of the first songs Jules played in his show was this slow funk track, which is perfectly balanced out with guitar stretches in my opinion. Originally, it was only available on limited-edition cassette tapes, but this one got re-released on the Irish label Major Problems some time last year.

Hugo’s Pick: Powerman Feat. Arthur Russell – “Lost Tribe” (1983)

This feature is about tracks we’ve discovered on the radio station, but I’m afraid I have to break the rule one time and make this a Red Light Radio-related discovery. We hosted a stage at the FARR Festival in England this month alongside Music From Memory. It was a lot of fun and the nice people from Brilliant Corners (A HiFi Sound Bar/Restaurant in London) had a small tent with sick speakers, HiFi amps and an old BBC turntable system. Including a wooden floor, this tent was perfectly equipped for an ultimate listening experience. We were asked to play some tunes too and Tako of MFM only brought a USB, so he was dragging some records out of random record bags in the booth. One of them was the Powerman EP and this track! On this sound system… Man! My track of the month for sure. Incredible on a great sound system, but listening to it through this compressed YouTube link on laptop speakers kinda works too. Enjoy!

Greta’s Pick: Cosmetics – “Black Leather Gloves” (2010)

I heard this moody sin of a track on Neon Decay’s show from last week. It had been blisteringly hot out all day, which made this undeniably sexy jam all the more dreamy and thirst-quenching.

Orpheu’s Pick: Ars Mundo – “El Genio De Los Pies Rojos” (Versión Maxi) (1986)

Lauri Soini, the one-man entertainment center, Kaiku resident and Helsinki style icon introduced me to this track in Berlin. He showed me the cover first and, judging by the artwork I expected it to be quite a gnarly track. Waaaay later that night I actually heard it and it turned out to be a beautiful Balearic, new beat-ish jam from Spain.

Turns out Lauri had already played it at Red Light Radio when he was in town!

Kat’s Pick: Savage Progress – “My Soul Unwraps Tonight” (1984)

I was listening to the No Clubs mix, and repeated this part about 25 times to hear the lyrics and search for it with some old-school Shazamming.. Now it is my new obsession song.

Boris’ Pick: Lo Kindre – “Torment Of One” (2017)

I was cooking at home when I heard this track, but things were getting hectic in the kitchen so I couldn’t focus. A couple of days later I looked it up and found out it was my man Twan Stoffels aka Durk Tabak who played the track. Twan can do no wrong. He played “Arend Langenberg Verliest Zijn Stem” once at a party and he’s also into Joel Beukers: Kool. But on to the music… It’s Glasgow’s Lo Kindre’s 12″ debut and it’s a cosmic dubby affair with kool bleeps and distant vocals. Trippy shit. I’ve checked out the rest of this 12″ too. It’s a great modern take on dub; TUFFFF STUFFFF!