Red Light Radio: June 2017 Staff Picks

Of the countless tracks that make it to the airwaves each week at Red Light Radio, some leave a more lasting impression than others. From month to month, enjoy a sampling of favorite tracks heard on air, courtesy of the team at RLR. June’s picks include music by The Dadacomputer, Marie Davidson, Matmos & more.

Hugo: The Dadacomputer – Computer Bank

Sometimes I hear a track and can’t believe I’d never heard it before. That sentiment goes for this one. I must have heard it at some point, because it must have been played on many dance floors, but I don’t remember. Well, when RLR resident Lawrence Dubrovic played The Dadacomputer’s “Computer Bank” during his show this month, I did some robot moves behind my desk. Went downstairs to the radio studio and found out it was from a 1981 cassette by Robert Lawrence & Mark Phillips that was re-issued on cassette by Minimal Wave in 2013, which is probably what brought the track to the dance floors. Can’t wait to hear this on a big sound system (again) so I can murder the floor robocop style. To all DJ’s: start or keep playing this!

Dion: Marie Davidson – Exces de Vitesse

This was played by Jack on the very eclectic Uprock show.

It is some cool, quirky electro buttered up with some sweet French vocals. The whole creates a hypnotizing track that has me locked in from beginning to end. Trop cool!

Jim: Markus Stockhausen / Jasper Van’t Hof ‎– Aqua Sansa

Last week we had The Hague’s Doctor O in the studio, as a guest for the Night Flight show. Spiritual vibes all over the place. A fine selection of music for the mind, body and soul. The man himself seems to own a collection of records to do yoga to. We even practiced some breathing exercises on the radio. And then he played this stunning piece of music. I ran down the stairs into the studio and found that it was, of course, Dutch keyboard-master Jasper Van’t Hof. The perfect soundtrack to my post SSFB festival hangover!

Lien: Matmos – Ultimate Care 2

I heard this track in the previous Haperende Mens show. This tune, entirely constructed of the sounds generated by the Whirlpool Ultimate Care model washing machine, accurately characterizes my current mood.

Boris: Circle – Kill City

Experimental kraut rockers Circle from Finland have been around since 1991 and these freaks have released so many records since then that it would take a lifetime to digest them all. There’s so much music I need to keep up with that, out of self-protection, I never paid too much attention to this band. They’re about to release a new full-length album on the legendary Southern Lord records and when Clio, Mike and Guy played this track during their ‘The Void’ show, I could no longer fool myself. Monster heavy krauty Stooges riffs meets heavy metal brought with such delicate flare… I’m down. Pure hedonistic pleasure indeed.

Lorenzo: Phantom Band – Brain Police

I’m a sucker for a one-drop beat structure. One-drop is when the accent of the beat comes on ‘the two’, the typical laid-back reggae beat structure, instead of ‘the one’ as in the typical funk beat structure.

DJ soFa played a great show packed with plenty of oddball “reggae not reggae” treats, from post-punk to Bollywood productions.

I really loved the show as a whole and have been playing the archived recording over and over. I tried to Shazam most tracks, but hardly anything was recognized. Here I’ve chosen one of the few tracks that did come up.

Brain Police by Phantom Band, a track from Freedom of speech (1981), the first LP by this jazzy German fusion band formed by Jaki Liebezeit and Rosko Gee (both ex-Can) along with musicians from the new-wave experimental band Dunkelziffer.
Oddball/post-punk/krautrock/reggae/dub – what a combination!