Red Light Radio: February 2017 Staff Picks

Of the countless tracks that make it to the airwaves each week at Red Light Radio, some leave a more lasting impression than others. From month to month, enjoy a sampling of favorite tracks heard on air, courtesy of the team at RLR. Februari’s picks include music by Yoshio Ojima, Dick El Demasiado and Marc and the Mambas.

Hugo’s Pick: The Bug Vs Earth – “Snakes Vs Rats” (2017)

Haperende Mens is a collective who organizes art shows, concerts and festivals in Amsterdam. They also host a radio show at Red Light. Katja & Bence go all over the place with this show, as long as it’s experimental. In their February edition, they mentioned this concert they went to in Berlin from Kevin Martin aka The Bug and Dylan Carlson of Earth. These two men now play together and recorded an album too, which will be out soon. It’s exactly what you would expect from these two; a blend of Martin’s industrial dub and Carlson’s heavy doom guitars. They’re touring and can’t wait to hear Snakes vs Rats live on stage.

Dion’s Pick: Dick El Demasiado – “Mickey Mouse Se Venga De Su Creador” (2002)

Last month, Dick Verdult aka Dick El Demasiado was on the show with Luuk Bouwman to talk about the documentary Het Is Waar Maar Niet Hier that Luuk had made about him. It ended up being crazy talk radio with funny anecdotes and awesome songs from Dick. Before they played the song, they talked about inconsistency, how it can pay off in life and music and how it makes things more interesting. He then goes on to say that “if you throw a rock at someone five times in an inconsistent way, you will hit him for sure. You just have to throw more often”.

I think that’s exactly what this track is. It throws crazy sounds and melodies at you and it’s going to hit you and make you move whether you like it or not.

The song is about Mickey Mouse taking revenge on his creator by the way.

Lien’s Pick: How To Get Rich In Rotterdam  – “Dapper Dan” (1981)

One hell of a show last Thursday by Angél from Discos Transgénero. He played a lot of Dutch rarities including this beautiful 7”. The “Dapper Dan” song inspired by the Dapper Dan Magnetic Man drawing set is one of my favorites and starts after 2:51 minutes. Great job by both brother and sister.

Jim’s Pick: Marc And The Mambas – “Sleaze” (1982)

One of the most striking things about being a (new) RLR member is the daily dose of diverse music that finds you. Discovering new music and having it played through the Klipschorns at the office is a gift. For me, the record of the month was served on an early Friday morning hanging out with Maoupa Mazzocchetti. He was mixing up a whole variety of genres and then all of a sudden reminded me of one of my favorites: Marc and The Mambas – “Sleaze”. This record has it all and was far ahead of its time, seeing as it was released in 1982. Marc Almond is better known as a member of Soft Cell. Although they are responsible for well-known hits, somehow this collab with his Mambas remained sort of under the radar. That intriguing synthy bassline hits me every time it kicks in. Hopefully I will own a copy of this rare and hard-to-find piece someday.

Lorenzo’s Pick: Kraze – “The Party (Acapella)” (1988)

My track of the month is hardly a new track but one I rediscovered. When it came out in 1988 I used to be into punk rock, and sticking to typically late 80s tribal regulations, I could not even admit to liking it.

29 years later and I’m proud and relieved to say that I love this track. David Vunk started his amazing two hour set with the a cappella version, then again at closing with the classic version. To me this is the No. 1 house music anthem.

Orpheu’s Pick: Yoshio Ojima – “Days-Man” (1983)

I know everything, except for this track by Yoshio Ojima called “Days-Man”, played by the guys from Porto Verde. Killlllller track.

Boris’s Pick: Tom Skeemask – “Anamosity” (1996)

Memphis lo-fi rap tapes from the 90s – there’s just so much of it and I love it. Delroy Edwards did vinyl versions of a Lil Noid tape and a Shawty Pimp tape two years ago but for more you’ll have to go on YouTube or blogs… it’s easy to get lost in but so much gold to be found.

Daniel Da Costa played this Tom Skeemask track in his Perfect Portfolio International show and I was SIKED! Hazy lo-fi 90s rap by this Memphis veteran. He released some albums in the 90s and 00s but of course this song appears on his first tape from 1996. Torus and DJ MCB will do a DJ Screw/Memphis special in April at Red Light Radio with recorded shout-outs by (forgotten) Memphis legends.