Red Light Radio: May 2017 Staff Picks

Of the countless tracks that make it to the airwaves each week at Red Light Radio, some leave a more lasting impression than others. From month to month, enjoy a sampling of favorite tracks heard on air, courtesy of the team at RLR. May’s picks include music by Man Friday, Koes Plus & Visible Cloaks.

Lorenzo’s Pick: Man Friday – “Winners (Larry Levan Demo Mix) (2002)

I heard this superb proto-house banger played by Robert Bergman during his latest Smooth And Good Radio boogie and disco special.

I knew right away that this was gonna be my monthly SSFB pick, so I snapped a picture of the label and did some research on it.

It’s a funky, slowish disco tune that speaks a simple truth about the human condition. “They all seem to love you more, when you’re winning”

I read what Larry Levan had done with the group Man Friday, was to actually DJ live on stage with his remix equipment. That was unheard of then and now.

Hugo’s Pick: Koes Plus – “Mobil Tua”

This month we did a broadcast from Berlin and my good friend Maarten, who also runs the coolest bar in town – The Black Lodge (The interior is exactly Twin Peaks’ Black Lodge) – played for us. The music in the bar is always really great and for RLR he played a good mix of psychedelic electronic and rock sounds from around the world. Koes Plus is a 60s/70s band from Indonesia. Very Kinks/Beatles style, but with the LaLaLaLa part having an annoying screamy backing vocal, this stands out. I’m a sucker for catchy 60s/garage nuggets, and had never heard this track. Not super Strange Sounds, but a great track for sure!

Dion’s Pick: Isabelle Mayereau – “On A Trouvé” (1980)

I heard this one on a radio show by Afrobot and Zaltan played it on our stage at Lentekabinet. The song is an eerie French chanson with new wave vibes. Super summer track!

Lien’s Pick: New Dimension – “Dead Is Not Forever” (1993)

Antikunst, hosted by Job Sifre, is one of my favorite new shows here at Red Light Radio. Genres like post punk, new wave, industrial etc. pass by in this interactive hour-long slot. Interesting guests are invited on a regular basis; it so happened that last week Post Ave dropped by for a one-hour mix.

Due to some heavy partying the night before the energy in the studio almost hit rock bottom until this New Dimension track punched the speakers.

Boris’ Pick: Visible Cloaks – “Screen” (2017)

Last week on my way home from the RLR studio I was listening to Haron’s Rewire special. I’d seen the name Visible Cloaks around but had never checked them out. This song made me wish I had it on record just so I could listen to it at home and zone out properly instead of hearing it on headphones in a rowdy train. According to an interview they were inspired by Seigen Ono’s production style at the end of the analog recording era, right before things went digital. Crisp and clear but not TOO much, still very human, you feel me? Stoked to catch them live at the Korzo theater this Friday in The Hague.