Red Light Radio: November 2017 Staff Picks

Of the countless tracks that make it to the airwaves each week at Red Light Radio, some leave a more lasting impression than others. From month to month, enjoy a sampling of favorite tracks heard on air, courtesy of the team at RLR. September’s picks include music by Creation Rebel, Mateo Murphy, Genji Sawai and more.

Lorenzo: Creation Rebel – Chatti Mouth (1981)

 When RLR resident Robert Bergman played this on his November Smooth & Good show, it caught my attention right away. This is deep psychedelic-layered early 80s roots reggae; far from basic.

This a perfect example of music where most of the results are achieved in post-production. It’s a mix of top-notch studio wizardry without sounding overproduced.

Adrian Sherwood is not only a brilliant and versatile producer, he’s also a true mixing and dubbing master. This is the kind of track that really links reggae to modern electronic music production; not just subtracting and adding layers and effects throughout the dub version, but also in the vocal cut.

Sara: Genji Sawai Hikobae” (1984)

Sometimes it happens that while listening to a show here at the radio, we’d get captured by the feeling related to it, even if it belongs to the kind of music that we don’t normally listen to. It’s the beauty of this job – to be freshly inspired by new experimental vibes and sounds. This happened to me last week, during the Bossoyo Radio show, when I had the chance to discover “Hikobae” by the Japanese saxophone master Genji Sawai.

What I like most is the slow and progressive development of this musical tale, starting with a dark and occult voice and evolving into a molteplicity of jazz and electronic sounds, mixed together by Sawai’s kooky saxophone.

It took me a while to find the words to properly describe this track and I have the feeling I haven’t reached that point yet. It’s not easy to catalogue it as it’s a fluid piece that doesn’t fit just anywhere. I guess this is what excites me the most.

Kat: Savage Hymn – La Vida Sigue Igual” (2017)

This is an insane track. I had initially intended to buy the record for Orpheu, and was checking every time I was at Bordello if they had it. When they finally did, and I got the chance to listen to it properly, I had to buy it for myself too! It has a heavy and repetitive industrial drum beat, yet feels kind of fluid at the same time. The Spanish vocals on it are fairly monotone and, giving it a raw feel with a weird spice that is nice. Simply sick. Listen!

Dominik: The Advanced Cookbook Of Mr Selig And Kanzler Z “Pink Rhythm” (1989)

A while ago on a long summer night In Marseille, while I was sitting on the balcony browsing Youtube, I accidentally came across this great German tune from 1989 on the side bar.

Just the name of the artists alone – The Advanced Cookbook of Mr. Selig and Kanzler Z – seemed more than a little interesting. The name of the album Niemand Tanzt (nobody is dancing) combined with its track name “Pink Rhythm” piqued my interest enough to suddenly evoke a strange mysterious feeling in me that started screaming: “this has to be great!”

From that moment on, I hadn’t stopped listening to this tune, this would likely go on for the rest of the holidays and probably every night afterwards at home.

Back within the walls of the radio, where I’m lucky to get to listen to great and interesting stuff every day, it is sometimes not that easy to pick out one track that stands out amongst the others. But when Fettschmelze’s Jago reached into his record bag and took out that mighty record I was just talking about, I knew what this month’s staff pick would be.

Just give it a listen! Find yourself a dark space and, definitely don’t sit!

Boris: Crevette Records invites Stikstof, Le 77, Umi, Joerie De Sloerie & Zet Gee (Zwangere Guy) @ Red Light Radio

Since the beginning of RLR I’ve been doing my weekly radioshow called Brain Fried and often there would be guys knocking on the window wanting to do a freestyle rap. Since it was my show I’d gently ask them to send a mail to the RLR office, so that we could perhaps give them a show here. No one ever mailed, of course. Then when there were shows at RLR with live MCs, there would always be something…. mic too loud, USBs not “working” etc. etc. The Crevette crew from Brussels have been inviting many diverse acts to come to Red Light Radio and for this month they’d invited Zwangere Guy. I’d seen the name on posters and assumed it was just a house/techno DJ with an odd name. But when he and his entourage showed up last week it became clear to me that it was going to be a straight-up hip hop show. For the first 10 mins they played songs by other artists but thereon after it was just them. Everything sounded balanced, the beats were kool and I’ve always been a fan of Flemish/French slang. Hands down one of the best rap shows we’ve had here at our studio. These guys really put an effort into getting here and if only everyone was this hyped to do a show at RLR. Zotte sfeer!

Alyssa: Mateo Murphy – “Brush” (2005)

I thought I’d seen everything at Red Light Radio, until I witnessed LUPE dropping acid during his show…  I’m talking about Mateo Murphy’s “Brush”, of course.

It starts off deceptively unassuming, and slowly but surely it evolves into a majestic banger – kinda like an acid phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s simple but hypnotic, slightly sinister but enticing. One of those tracks that demands your full attention… until it suddenly stops and you realize you’ve been staring into space for 6 minutes and half your face has melted on the desk.