Red Light Radio: Oktober 2017 Staff Picks

Of the countless tracks that make it to the airwaves each week at Red Light Radio, some leave a more lasting impression than others. From month to month, enjoy a sampling of favorite tracks heard on air, courtesy of the team at RLR.October’s picks include music by DJ Overdose, Equiknoxx, Rexy and Trend

Sara’s Pick: Rexy – “Running Out Of Time” (1981)

I had the pleasure of discovering this song thanks to Elias Mazian, who played it during his Private Hearts show. It was morning; sunlight was coming through the dusty window at the radio when “Running Out Of Time” came on. I enjoyed the smooth wake-up.

This song seduced me slowly with its deep synth, its new-wave nerve and, of course, Rexy’s voice – melanchonic and charming, dragged by a mellow rhythm and surrounded by a heavenly chorus. It’s an oneiric tale made of experimental sounds and echoes, a climax of melodies with a delicate taste of decadence.

If songs have gender, this one would definitely be a sensual woman, moving slowly in a bedroom with a half open window and curtains floating against a fall breeze.

Dominik’s Pick: DJ Overdose – “Iron Idem” (2017)

This month, my choice goes to DJ Overdose’s “Iron Idem”. It was played within a live set by Edison Jams on a quiet and relaxed Monday morning, managing to somehow lift up the atmosphere of the whole studio immediately. With a great dubby club vibe, its mysterious intro and catchy synth line takes one on a superb hypnotic journey.

Lorenzo’s Pick: Equiknoxx – “Congo Get Slap (Mark Ernestus Remix)” (2017)

The past month at RLR was so intense, with so many great guest DJs from all over, as well as the usual suspects. I discovered so much new great music that I would have to list at least ten tracks.

Since I have to list just one, my top choice for this month is Mark Ernestus’ remix of “Congo Get Slap” by Equiknoxx. Both Mark Ernestus and Equiknoxx are in my top 10 of favorite producers, so I could hardly imagine a better collaboration coming my way.

In this remix Mark Ernestus managed to somewhat recapture the whole Rhythm & Sound vibe again; do yourself a favour and listen to the youtube link with your computer connected to some decent set of speakers, or better yet listen directly to the vinyl, the sound experience these fine gentlemen deliver deserves better than your laptop’s built-in speakers.

I first heard it live in the RLR studio through the monitor speakers, during the pre-ADE Equiknoxx broadcast on October 16th, a show selected by Gavsborg & Time Cow, the two core members of the Equiknoxx Music crew out of Kingston Jamaica. I tried to keep my cool for a minute, but I didn’t manage even fifteen seconds before starting to cheer and head nod, making a fool of myself and asking what track it is while Gavsborg was still in the mix.

Big up!

Boris’s Pick: Trend – “Life After High School”

Robert Bergman aka the Berginator aka WWIII played this song on a pre-ADE wednesday morning in October. He was still wearing his shirt and it wasn’t raining that day. Robert knows how to keep a two-hour radio show interesting and doesn’t care too much about genres. I was just upstairs working at the office when I heard this great song. An infectious weird synth jam with a KILLER amateur feel released on a short-lived American funk/soul label called Glomar some time in the 80s. Little is known about this track/artist. The title gives away the lyrical theme and for me that’s a straight home run. I’m the kind of guy that loves high-school nostalgia. There’s just something about the naive combination of hormones, stress, expectations, young love etc. Hope that if Numero is going to do a teen-angst compilation one day, they don’t forget this track.