Red Light Radio: September 2017 Staff Picks

Of the countless tracks that make it to the airwaves each week at Red Light Radio, some leave a more lasting impression than others. From month to month, enjoy a sampling of favorite tracks heard on air, courtesy of the team at RLR. September’s picks include music by The Mystic Jungle Tribe, Hellboii, Hoodoo Fushimi and more.

Dominik’s Pick: The Mystic Jungle Tribe – “Jupiter And Callisto” (2017)

Groovy and smooth – layered synths, topped with nice flutes and all-around percussions. When Quartet entered the studio this afternoon, I was immediately caught by this great introduction of his set. The track itself was just released one month ago by Periodica records from Naples and is now available through their fellow Italians from Bordello a Parigi in Amsterdam. Just close the curtains, switch off the lights, grab your headphones and you’ll hear what I mean.

Lien’s Pick: William Gum-Boot & Lawrence Wiffin – “Anesthésie Penthotal” (1977)

For this month’s staff pick I chose a track actually played in the latest Strange Sounds From Beyond radio show by McBain. Since I’m almost never at the studio during the weekends I had to use my Shazam app to find it. For me this is the perfect combination of guitar, percussion and haunting synths – this golden combo gives the track a mysteriousness that leaves me longing for more.

Boris’s Pick: Hellboii – “Untitled” (2017)

My man Monocorpse came over to do a show at RLR recently and he really hates it when electronic music releases advertised as being dark and fucked up don’t live up to his expectations or just feel too forced. For his show he’d made a selection of excellent black metal and dark/fucked-up electronic music and among those records was a 12” by Hellboii. It’s truly fucked-up acidic electronics recorded live in the Radio Tonka Studio in Den Haag; basically a guy losing it COMPLETELY with all this hardware within reach. Excellent animal style noise! Released by Guy Tavares’ Panzerkreuz imprint. Look up the liner notes of the record if you’re still not convinced!

Orpheu’s Pick: Ennanga Vision – “All This Blue” (2017)

DJ Marcelle’s name has been brought to my attention by various people whose musical taste I really appreciate. This one Thursday I walked into the studio when she was doing her first resident show on RLR and I was convinced right away! This was the first track I heard her play but the whole show was killer!!!

Sara’s Pick: Hoodoo Fushimi – “Furarete Nambo” (1987)

Originally released in 1987, this track was reissued for the first time on In Praise of Mitochondria, a 2xLP compilation from Left Ear Records. I discovered it thanks to DJ Que Sakamoto who played it last week during his show.

I asked him for the title; instead he told me the price of the record on Discogs: in the ballpark of €400. Too late, I was already in love with it. I was immediately captured by the hybrid essence of this song: a mix of electronic, hip-hop, funk and rock.

The original Japanese title フラれてナンボ means “It’s Ok to Get Dumped”. It doesn’t take itself too seriously; it’s funny and metamorphic with the ornament of synth and electronic sounds, enriched by a whimsical collage of voices.

This is how I like to imagine the 80s in Japan: colorful, lively and experimental.

Hugo’s Pick: Luminance – “No Second Act” (2015)

Had to travel all the way to Tel Aviv to discover this artist from Brussels. The broadcasts we did with out there with local labels like Malka Tuti & Fortuna, and DJs like Anna Haleta & Alek Lee were killer; check it out.

Luminance’s “No Second Act” was played there by TV.OUT. A one-man act, Luminance is known for lots of good, danceable gothic electronic body tracks, ha. Figured out his live act looks and sounds really good as well; when I saw him, he was surrounded by synths and a microphone between lots of candles. He should play a RLR party/stage soon!