SSFB 2017: Full Line-up Announcement

For just one day this coming June, by the waters up north in Amsterdam, the typically tranquil grounds of the Noorderlicht will come to life once more as Strange Sounds From Beyond enters its second run. Earlier last month, we kicked off the first round of line-up announcements as a pre-taster for what’s to come this summer. Since then, we’ve been working hard to complete the line-up for SSFB 2017 and we believe we have arrived at a sweet spot. So without further ado, here are the rest of the names:

As Caribou, Canadian Dan Snaith recorded a string of critically acclaimed, chart-topping albums and toured the globe with his live band. But it is Daphni, the more spontaneous and adventurous alter ego of Snaith who will grace one of our stages later this year. Created largely as an avenue for Snaith to channel his love for spinning records, it’s a departure from the more folksy and neo-psychedelic sounds performed under the Caribou moniker. Snaith’s musical forays as Daphni yield a leaner and somewhat more idiosyncratic club-focused sound. For those already familiar with Caribou performances, Daphni is sure to add an element of surprise!

If you grew up in the 80s and the name Wally Badarou doesn’t ring a bell right away, you might be forgiven; though your memory is sure to receive a proper shake-up once we start name-dropping the long list of high-profile musicians he has worked with. From the likes of Joe Cocker, Mick Jagger, Massive Attack, Robert Palmer, Talking Heads, to Level 42 and the rest of the Compass Point Studios All Stars – Badarou’s genius lies in his ability to bring about the seamless fusion of such genres as pop, disco, Jamaican funk and New Age, to name a few. His groundbreaking instrumental solo album from 1983 Echoes is a timeless testament to that.

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that much of Rush Hour’s music runs through Antal Heitlager’s veins. One of the highly billed local heroes to make an appearance, Antal is the co-founder of Rush Hour – the beloved establishment set to host one of the three stages at the festival this year as part of their 20-year jubilee celebrations. This label boss would rather not put a label to his music, preferring instead to act as a vessel for a wide spectrum of musical styles of the raw and soulful kind associated with much of Rush Hour’s in-house music.

When Andrew Weatherall and Tim Fairplay met with George Thompson to check out a vintage synth Thompson had for sale, the seeds were already sown for Brunswick Drive, Thompson’s 12” that would be released under his Black Merlin handle on Weatherall’s Bird Scarer Records in 2012. Most recently, Black Merlin added a significant contribution to the resurgence of Balinese and Javanese music with his Hipnotik Tradisi album released on the Island Of The Gods label last summer, where he features Gamelan, Gong, Bamboo and a number of field recordings from around the island, working in close collaboration with old-world Balinese musicians. Never one to plan a set beforehand, this fearless London producer continues to embrace the unexpected in his performances, preferring instead to soak up the energy of the floor and run with it.

You probably know Olf van Elden better as Interstellar Funk, the young Dutch producer and DJ who has risen swiftly within the circuit to solidify his imprint all over Europe. He doesn’t adhere to an archaic formula, choosing instead to face the booth with his rugged charm, imperfections and all. This has worked out quite rightly in his favor; lending his productions a thought-provoking and whimsical edge.

Anyone who’s familiar with Red Light Records has to know the name Tako Reyenga. Besides co-owning this record company, he is also chief to the stellar labels – Into the Light, Music from Memory and the Music from Memory sub-label Second Circle, and an incredible DJ.

When Mim Suleiman leads her supporting band on stage this summer, she is sure to leave an impression. This Zanzibar vocalist and composer is a fireball on stage, waxing lyrical in a mix of English and her native Swahili. Suleiman, a charismatic performer who has released two albums with prolific house producer Maurice Fulton, hops from genre to genre with effortless ease, yet never forgetting to give her audience a proper lesson on her East African roots. One of Suleiman’s supporting band members is none other than Esa Williams, who also made an appearance last year when he accompanied one of our headliners, Ata Kak!

Bufiman is the alter ego of Jan Schulte aka Wolf Müller. He adds another left-field dimension to the festival programming with his personal brand of intense psychedelic and percussion-laced productions.

Get treated to some Afro-Synth when DJ Okapi breathes some life to 80s synth-fuelled bubblegum pop music this summer. Considered to be the authority on this forgotten era of South African pop music, DJ Okapi runs both the Afro-Synth blog in addition to a vinyl store back home.

Nosedrip, affectionately known as Ziggy, is the founder of, a radio personality, an excellent selector and a very versatile DJ to boot. And all of that achieved while still in his 20s. Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, he’s no stranger to the Amsterdam scene, making frequent guest appearances to established outfits such as Red Light Radio and showcasing the darker, more haunting, atmospheric side of electronic music.

Another musician to bring an experimental edge to our festival’s programming comes in the form of fellow Belgian Eva van Deuren and her solo project Orphan Fairytale. A product of the Belgian underground scene at the cusp of the century, allow Orphan Fairytale to jog your childhood memories and take you playfully back to a simpler, more uninhibited time.

Australian-born, Amsterdam-based Izabel Caligiore is the founder of Lullabies for Insomniacs, a record label originating from a radio show Izabel used to host on Melbourne station 106.7 PBS FM prior to taking up residence here. A left-field selector of independent electronic music and sound art, Izabel’s work is a lesson in subtlety, featuring ambient soundscapes and gentle, delicate shifts.

Also from the Rush Hour family, Mijke Hurkx is the driving force behind Rush Hour’s House Of Music fanzine. This music journalist and avid selector will bring her love for disco, reggae, soul and some surprises along as she takes to the decks this summer as Margie.

Making a repeat appearance is twice upon a time, a promising Dutch duo who are no strangers to SSFB events. Made up of Stefan Claudio Hagesteijn and Lounes Doulache, who also happens to be the editor-in-chief of SSFB’s newly launched magazine, these two are never quite satisfied with simply churning out dancefloor fillers, preferring to blur the boundaries between genres and toy with the expectations of their audience.

DJ Nina has a knack for discovering phenomenal music, which she regularly shares with her fans on her Youtube channel. This summer, she’ll also get to showcase that incredible taste in music when she takes to the decks.

Here’s an overview of the 2017 line-up once again:


Selda Bağcan & Boom Pam
Sun Ra Arkestra
Wally Badarou
Mutant Beat Dance
Lena Willikens
Black Merlin
Interstellar Funk
Orpheu the Wizard
Vladimir Ivkovic
Mim Suleiman
DJ Okapi
High Wolf
Orphan Fairytale
Luca & Mata Hari
twice upon a time

There is still a small quantity of 1st release tickets available for sale on the site. Note that they are expected to sell out soon.