Mixseries # 30: Sybil Jason

Haitian-American DJ and frontwoman of FARCED Sybil Jason comes delivering an esoteric sonic souvenir for Mix Series #30. We took the opportunity to chat her up some.


Hey Sybil, how’s it going? Did you have a good start of 2019?

Yes, thank you! I hit the ground running, trying to tie up so many different projects, both music and non-music related. Being in NYC at the moment means more running around. And now it’s February!

On your music blog FARCED your readers can find scraps of thoughts, photos you’ve taken, and most of all a great deal of music information and listening material. Reflecting on 12 years of blogging, what is the common thread running through?

Since 2006 when I started FARCED to share music, the goal has always been to offer something different, be it esoteric or “eclectic”, for lack of a better word. And that energy transcends with my radio shows (and live sets). If I have guests I’d let them know this is an open thing. Keep it real, be yourself and don’t worry about some box. I have never fit in a box (especially with music) and I never will.

Was it always your intention to work within the music industry?

Kind of hard to answer this from the beginning. This year marks 15 years since I started DJing and at that point the music industry wasn’t a thought in my mind. It was such a different time. In fact when I moved to Berlin in 2014 and FARCED went from my blog/platform to a radio show on Berlin Community Radio, I wanted very little to do with the electronic music scene in Europe, due to lack of inclusion amongst other things. A lot has changed in this industry since then and here I am.

If you could choose one organized party crew that inspires you…

Club Chai in SF! Though I wouldn’t call them a party crew because that has been reduced in recent years to what it was originally meant to be. They’re doing it for community and purpose in the realest sense. But also doing so much more that I can’t keep up.

What is your most-played club track of the moment?

Honestly, anything by Lauren Flax. She’s killing it and her tracks always come through in the clutch. “Work Dat” gets a lot of play and is sure to turn a party out, no matter the range of people on the dance floor.

Thanks Sybil!