Tolouse Low Trax

Where boundaries place restraints on most of us, Detlef Weinrich flourishes. Tasked with the SSFB Mix Series’ final entry of the year, this prolific German producer wears many hats. We know him as Tolouse Low Trax, part of the German quartet Kreidler, one-half of Toresch, as well as one of the men behind the infamous Salon Des Amateurs.

Hello Detlef, how’s it going? What are you up to these days?

Currently, I’m busy with live gigs and finishing some remixes.


“Limitations offer lots of liberties” was something you once said. Can you elaborate on this?

I think a lot of people struggle with making decisions, especially with regards to using new music technology. I can’t handle too many possibilities, so I prefer limits. Too much freedom takes the energy away from ideas.


What is the idea behind this mix?

There isn’t really an idea behind it. I simply allowed it to flow, although I was interested in bringing some abstract 90s stuff into it, along with some brand new material.


After the recent water damage situation at your beloved Salon, how is everything going over there now?

We’re still awaiting an announcement from the city on when they’re going to start with the renovations. But we’ll reopen with a new concept.


On a different – and totally random – question, how do you think does music stand the test of time? How did it come to be such a powerful glue and binding factor for so many of us?

If we’re talking about “our scene”, it’s the best thing music can do to it. In a way everything starts with the Amsterdam thing, Red light etc. Music is one of the best medium these days. It allows people from all over the world to feel very close to one another. I am impressed.

To stand the test of time: stay simple and be authentic, hold on to the main idea and keep up the energy. Don’t be a victim of styles.


What are your thoughts on the recent developments in electronic music’s nightlife scene?

It’s getting better and better and there are a lot of changes in recent years in the form of smaller clubs that offer more possibilities to play better music. People are getting more educated and open minded, I feel. So in general, things are moving in a positive direction.


Can you share some projects with us that are keeping you busy at the moment?

I’ve recently collaborated with two artists, Inga Danyz & Axel Hütte, so there’ll be more art music releases coming up. I’ll also be working on some new Tolouse tracks. It just isn’t that easy to find the time, with me traveling nearly every weekend these days, let alone having a private life.


Thank you Detlef and happy holidays!