A Look Back at SSFB 2016 with Traxx

Take a walk down memory lane with Nation boss Traxx, as we revisit his performance at SSFB 2016 with a recording of his two-hour segment at the The Rest Is Noise stage.

A few words from Traxx:

“Last year in Amsterdam, the inaugural presentation of a new festival called Strange Sounds From Beyond kicked off a musically unique lineup of music performers and selectors embarked on a crazy adventure of leftfield sound! ‘Thee articulate visionary beyond description’ was invited to participate. Prince’s birthday fell on the same month as SSFB and a few weeks before that, he left this world with millions deeply saddened by his death. This triggered emotional sorrow for me personally, and as such, I dedicated half of my slot segment to the artist of many talents, opening up the session with 2 unreleased tracks that were 30 minutes each. From thereon, the physical pressure behind the turntables took a head-on collision with punk, darkwave electronics and Detroit minimalism with Chicago warehouse sounds, pushing the boundaries to a state of an old warehouse illegal party experience.”