Vladimir Ivkovic’s Library of Mysterious Compositions

Every now and then, Vladimir Ivkovic shows us around in his library and shares some of his finds. Enjoy the selection, but please be quiet.

Erik Satie – GymnopĂ©dies No 1,2,3 (Branka Parlic)

This version of Branka Parlic is my favorite Satie interpretation.

The Threshold HouseBoys Choir – As X Is To Geff

I’ve been playing it a lot recently – whenever there was a chance to do it.

Nurse With Wound – I Was No Longer His Dominant

For he journeyed from silence to silence, and I had no course but to follow.

It’s almost cathartic.

Rex Ilusivii – Moon Cage Annex 02

It’s not only about the song but also about the video that Ola made.

Pelican Daughters – The Bicycle Ride

The strange connection between LSD and the Bike.

A scientist’s brave self-experimentation led to a new awakening.